Mistletoe '05: Settling The Dust (part 11)

********* Josiah *********

"That's the last one, my love." Ezra comes up behind me in our downstairs workroom and slips his arms around my waist. "I love having candles in every window."

"In the old days, it was to coax the sun back from its winter journey." Covering his hands with mine, I bring one to my lips for a soft kiss. "Every home in the village would have a candle in each opening, including the doorways. On a dark winter night, their small towns must have looked quite magical."

"What else does the winter solstice mean?" Circling around me, he hugs me tight and looks up, his big green eyes sparkling in the soft candlelight. "I know there was something about oak and mistletoe and the ancient Druids."

"Ah, it's true the ancients worshiped the sun and moon in all their phases." I pick him up and carry him upstairs so we can be quite private. He chuckles and slides his arms around my neck so he can kiss my cheek. A full kiss would be too dangerous on the stairs.

But when we reach our bedroom, he immediately starts unbuttoning my shirt. "And they did it naked under the sky in their sacred groves. I read about that in one of the new books I unpacked yesterday. The writer was shocked but I think it sounds like fun."

Setting him down on the floor, I do a little unbuttoning of his own nattily dressed self. "It's true they worshipped sky clad, which must have been quite chilly in England in December. But they also drank a very potent mixture of mead so perhaps they stayed warm that way."

His eyes gleam up at me while his warm hands delve into my pants. "There were certain pagan rites that kept them warm, too. The author sounds quite appalled at the so called 'disgusting' things the Druids did to each other."

I need him naked right now. So I hurry my unbuttoning and soon we wear only each other. Running my hands over his silky body, I remember his last words. "It's true the Druids practiced rituals that would shock our Christian brethren. My favorite is their virgin sacrifice."

He chuckles then turns shy in the blink of an eye. "Master, why do I have to be naked for this ceremony? I feel quite odd after drinking the sacred mead."

Picking him up, I carry him to our bed, waiting with cool, crisp sheets for us. The only lights in the room are the two candles flickering in the windows. The shadows on the walls dance with the passing of our bodies near them. Laying him down gently, I follow him down until I cover him with my larger self.

"The Goddess asks us to come to Her unadorned, little one. The ceremony tonight is a sacrifice to her of something we hold most dear." I smooth kisses over his face and down his tender throat.

"What do I have that she would want, Master?" His breathless whisper tells me he has slipped completely into our small play.

"Your innocence is pleasing to Her, little love. As Her priest, I will sacrifice your purity in Her name. There will be some pain but it is your pleasure that will please Her the most." My fingers tweak his nipples to hard peaks.

"Oh-h, that feels so strange, Master." His eyes slit with pleasure and his body flexes under my caresses. "But very pleasurable too, I like it when you touch me. It makes me tingle everywhere."

"Touching you makes me tingle too, little one." Heaven knows that's the truth. "Now, there's a special oil with which I need to anoint you so you're ready to give the Goddess your pleasure."

He reaches out an arm and plucks the bottle of liniment Nathan makes up for us. "Here's the sacred ewer with the special oil, Master."

I really shouldn't enjoy being called Master so much. It's extremely prideful and I'll need to pay a severe penance later. Maybe I'll be able to talk Ezra into playing the Bishop and the Priest after church services tomorrow. He makes a most severe prelate while I play the lowly sinner of a priest. Where was I?

Oh yes, preparing the lovely victim, I mean willing acolyte, for his deflowering. "Thank you, little one. I'm going to just make sure you're nicely oiled for Her pleasure. I'm going to be touching you in a most private place but just remember any pain is necessary for the ceremony."

His eyes are sparkling like emeralds in the candlelight and his heart-shaped face is most demure when he looks up at me. "I'm not afraid, Master, I know you don't want to hurt me. What should I do to help?"

Sweet Circe, he'd tempt an angel to sin. "I'm going to teach you to open to me, little one. Right now, I'd like you to kiss me."

His blush is positively enticing. "Yes, Master." And he kisses my cheek.

"Very nice, little one, but I am going to teach you a new kind of kiss." My lips take his, parting them so I can slide my tongue inside his hot mouth. Oh, this is heaven indeed and I feast on him for a long moment before remembering I'm supposed to be getting him ready for me.

"Oh, Master, that felt wonderful. Is that the pleasure the Goddess wants from me?" His eyes are lazy with pleasure when he lies back down and spreads his legs for me. "It feels very hot in here, Sir. Why is that?"

My hands are slick with oil and I trail them up his thighs to the lovely cock rising from his groin. "Pleasure warms the blood, little one and that is only one of the pleasures She wishes from you. Now, stay still for me while I open up a new place on your body."

I grasp his cock with one hand and slide my fingers around him lovingly. His back arches and his eyes go slit-eyed with pleasure. "Oh, Master, no one has ever touched me there before. It feels so good."

"I'm glad, little one, now relax for me while I show you something else new about your body." My other hand caresses his balls for a moment before sliding behind them to the crease between his cheeks. We'd made love this morning and once this afternoon so he is still somewhat stretched for me. Two fingers slide in through the tight muscles guarding his entrance and his hips shift restlessly.

"Master!" His hands slide down to my arms and hold onto my forearms. "You're inside me. No one has ever touched me there. It does hurt a little."

"The pain will turn to pleasure," I promise him and rake one of my fingers over his gland. He shouts my name and I feel my pride swell even higher. "There, you see, little one. The Goddess will find your sacrifice most worthy. Now be brave while I anoint my shaft."

"Why do you anoint your shaft, Master? Oh, how very big he is." His wide-eyed gaze has such a wicked little light behind it. "Oh, Master, he is bigger than the oak tree in our grove."

All right, a little hyperbole can be damn sexy and I feel my cock twitch. "The better to bring you pleasure, little one. Now I'm going to come inside of you so relax as much as you can."

He nods, holding back his own legs so he's bent almost in half. My crown presses in steadily while his muscles try to keep me out but finally I slide inside. Dear Goddess, he is tighter than he's ever been. The little mewling sounds he's making fire my blood the way nothing else can. Slowly, I slide in until my balls hit his cheeks. We're both panting now and I lean in to kiss the soft lips he's biting.

We feast for a long moment then I need to move. "How is it, little love? Is the pain turned to pleasure yet?"

His eyelashes flutter a little and his look is slightly dazed. "Oh Master, you're inside of me. I feel spitted on your mighty oak branch. There is a little pleasure."

The little minx, we'll see about mighty branches. "There will be much pleasure before we're done. Move with me."

We settle into a rhythm, our hips moving in counterpoint to each other. Slowly at first but gradually we speed up until the whole bed is shaking. Thank goodness Buck builds a very solid product. His hands clutch my shoulders while mine hold his hips close. His moans heat my blood and soon, I know I'll have to come. Wrapping one hand around his cock, I stroke it until he shrieks and comes hard.

His muscles milk my shaft dry and I roll us to our sides so I don't crush him. Cradling him to my chest, I chuckle tiredly when a pert tongue licks the nipple over my heart.

"My most wondrous Master, I think the Goddess must have enjoyed it as much as I did. Can we do it again for Her?" The teasing tones make me smile.

"We shall do it again and again, little love. She enjoys it whenever two of Her lovers come together." I nestle a kiss to his sweaty temple.

Green eyes gleam up at me. "After church, we can come home and worship each other in the living room. Those candles are vanilla scented so it will smell even better when we make love."

I pull up the blanket from the foot of the bed to keep us warm now that we're not moving so much. "I think I'll probably be in need of the Bishop's counsel to repent from all my sins, Ezra."

"Oh, chastisement," he licks his lips, "I think you have been a little prideful lately, Josiah. I'll see what I can come up with."

Closing my eyes, I smile and cuddle him closer. Whatever he chooses, we'll both enjoy it. Our fervent worshiping is sure to bring the sun back to us on this gloomy Solstice day. I'd just have to make sure the candles didn't go out until sunrise tomorrow. And Christmas is coming. I can hardly wait.

******************************** The end of part eleven