Reed '04: The "just do it/no excuses" challenge. You are allowed to write anything, so long as you write. Time yourself. You have 1:20 in which to write because it's all the time you can wring out of your schedule for the month-long challenge period. So sit and write, damn it. Just go. Who cares about if it sucks or isn't working or etc. At the end of 1:20 call yourself done, tell us your circumstances and post it.

Birch '05: Make the setting central to your story. I don't care if it's inside or out of doors, seasonal, local or foreign climes - just spend a bit of time helping us to really *see* and *feel* where we and the boys are - and bonus points for making the place pivotal to the plot.

Hazel '04: Write your Anti-Peeve story. Either the Peeve happens and our hero(s) have to deal with it/resolve it, or write a story that deliberately avoids the peeve altogether - say, X gets beat up and we see Y dealing with not having sex for six months during the recovery.

Hazel '05: The Bard. Well I decided to go all British on you, so Shakespeare. Take his words as your inspiration, a whole play, a sonnet, a poem or just a quote, you don't have to use the words as such, just take inspiration from him.

  • Title: Moving Day
  • Universe: Family Matters
  • Pairing: C/B
  • Rating: PG-13

Vine '05: Write an action story, any au, where the boys are busy being their heroic, action-y selves, in whatever function you feel moved to write. From hunting down some rustlers in the old west to busting a meth lab ring in the ATF, all would work for this challenge.

  • Title: Mall Crawl
  • Universe: ATF
  • Pairing: C/B, V/JD
  • Rating: R

Vine '06: 30 minute challenge. Set the timer for thirty minutes. Write until it dings. Post what you churn out in that time. Done. If you need a more specific prompt, consider: out of the ordinary.

Ivy '04: "As others see them." A Fic written from the POV of an outsider to the 7, could be a peripheral character like Inez, Nettie or Travis or is can be an OC or even a X-over character.

  • Title: Untitled
  • Universe: ATF
  • Pairing: C/B, - E pov
  • Rating: G

Ivy '06: Drabble challenge. A drabble is 100 words. Make it Old West on a hot day. From there it's up to you.

Mistletoe '04: Holiday/winter drabble, on the romantic side.

  • Title: Benediction
  • Universe: ATF
  • Pairing: C/B
  • Rating: NC-17

Mistletoe '05: "Festival of light." This can be taken literally or liberally. Luminaries tucked into the snow, what brings light to the holiday season for the boys or, more specifically, to their lives by the light of the Christmas tree, firelight, so on and so forth.