Ivy '06: Summer's Day

Heaven was a mountain-feed creek. His brain sun-baked, his skin sticky with dirt and salt, all the sweat was sucked out of him, leaving him parched and steaming like a rock in the sun. Creek water shimmered and gurgled, inviting. He shucked down fast, hopped from foot to foot on par-boiled earth. "Come on, Chris," he urged.

Knife-sharp, bullet-shock, every inch of him jerked and tightened and hollered when he dived. Sweet, sweet relief; mouth open underwater, he sucked in great gulps before his head broke the surface.

Chris watched him, smiling. "Gotta get back."

Buck crawled out as quick as he'd jumped in and stepped up, wrapped wet arms and cool skin and pleasure all around the man; Chris never had liked the cold.