Ash '06: Warts and All. Can our favourite slashed pairings see faults in their partners? Is there a single personality trait, or a combination of traits, that irritate either in a specific situation, or generally as part of the other person's character? Is there a bad habit that drives one or other of them nuts? Of course there is, it's up to us to find them, illustrate them, and maybe suggest how our boys deal.

Rowan '06: Write about flexibility - emotional, physical, mental. Or, conversely, you could write about inflexibility of the same kind, but something along those lines. How the boys have to be flexible in their lines of work...or in the bedroom.

Willow '06: File-Open-Select challenge. Sift through your files and pick a story that's never been finished. Share your favorite paragraph(s). Consider it a tantalizing glimpse in the form of a ficlet.

Vine '05: Write an action story, any au, where the boys are busy being their heroic, action-y selves, in whatever function you feel moved to write. From hunting down some rustlers in the old west to busting a meth lab ring in the ATF, all would work for this challenge.

  • In Action
  • Universe: ATF
  • Pairing: V, C/B (mentioned)
  • Rating: R