Reed '02: "First time," any au, any pairing, write about a first time...

Elder '02: Whatever universe or pairings you desire, write something short under 3500 words, let the boys have some fun with their relationship a bit on the eye brow waggling naughty side.

Mistletoe '02: One-day, one-shot challenge; you must answer it the same day you open it by replying to the post and typing your answer in. Today you're going to show us a tender, romantic moment between your choice of our favorite seven men. Gold stars go to anyone who can make that a tender, romantic *holiday* moment, but otherwise whatever you come up with is fine. It can be a paragraph or three, however much you're inspired to produce *right now* is fine.

  • A Moment
  • Universe: ATF
  • Pairing: E/C
  • Rating: PG