Reed '02: Wanting More

Follows Over the Threshhold

Caught up in the moment Chris Larabee finally hopped freed of his tangled jeans, he padded barefoot across the hard wood floors in search of the man that subjected him to the most sexually charged encounter he had had in years that left him wanting more. Naked as the day he was born Larabee entered the guest room, where he found Standish. The undercover agent stood by the window staring out at the golden hues of the setting sun, Ezra glanced back and smirked at him before returning his gaze to the world that lay outside.

Not swayed in his intentions, Chris closed the distance between them slowly stepping behind the southerner slipping his arms around the man and embracing him. Firmly pulling Ezra against his bare flesh knowing that is lover could feel his hardness through the material of the fine designer pants. The action brought forth a chuckle from the other man.

No words could convey how he felt at the moment; instead he let out a soft growl as he began to nibble on Standish’s ear. Nipping and sucking at the lobe as he began to playfully trace an imaginary line down the side of Ezra’s neck with his darting tongue. Briefly grinding his bare hips into the southerner’s rear before slowly turning him around hoarsely whispering. "I want you."

Chris slid to the floor in front of Ezra while alternately groping and massaging the clothed crotch. Ezra unzipped the pants allowing them the slip down as the sensual onslaught began on his pelvis began forcing him onto the ledge where he had to grip the window sash with both hands to keep his balance. Chris lipped and sucked at Ezra’s stiff member with great fervor through the silken material causing the man to moan and scoot back until his shirt covered back was resting against the glass.

Larabee paused long enough to observe Standish as the man stood there with his head leaned back and eyes closed rapt with the pleasure before tugging his lover’s briefs down freeing the rock hard cock and renewing his assault, sucking it in and bobbing his head back and forth with such ferocity it had Ezra’s hips pushing forward groaning.

In response Chris wrapped his arms around the thrusting waist using his position and weight to push Ezra off balance forcing him back on the sill as he continued suction the other man’s pole in and out of his mouth twisting his head as he sped up the motion. Fully intent on sending Standish over the pleasurable brink that he had been sent over earlier picked up a furious pace increasing the pressure on Ezra’s rigid penis as he sucked it down.

No longer able to stand the intensity of Chris’s assault Ezra held tight to the sash as his hips wildly bucked and grunted until he violently came until he sagged weakly against the windowsill gasping as he recovered from the wildly explosive orgasm slowly becoming aware that Larabee still knelt at his feet and was gently licking and sucking in his balls. "Oh my… Lord…."

The rest of his words were cut off when Chris stood up and kissed him, sucking in his tongue as he did. The passionate kiss lasted long enough for Ezra’s flaccid member to became fully erect again as Chris leaned into him mashing their groins together slowly gyrating their hips together breaking away long enough to growl out. "I want you in everyway possible and I want you to have me every possible way!"

"Are you sure?"


"Trust me?"


"Then lay down and I’ll show you just how much I’ve wanted you!"

Not wanting to break the spell of the moment Chris didn’t hesitate as Ezra to lead him towards the queen sized bed.