Rowan '04: This challenge comes with physical instructions. Here we go:
1) Go to your music collection (for the sake of argument we will call it your cd collection; however, feel free to replace cd with cassette, album, 8-track, or fluglehorn if you so prefer).
2) Select, at random and without forethought, ten cds of vocal artists.
3) Shuffle the cds into a random and unplanned order without looking at them.
4) Pick a number between one and ten.
5) Pick another number, between one and thirteen.
6) The first number is your cd. The second is the song on the cd (if you pick a cd with less songs than the number you selected, the last song on the cd is your song).
7) Listen to that song.
8) Write a story based on the ideas that come to your mind while listening to that song.
RULES: You cannot quote the song during the story, and you cannot have any character listen to that song, or mention it in any way. I'm looking for an 'inspired by' rather than a songfic. However, you should list what song you picked and who it is performed by, so the rest of us know. You can do it at the beginning, or at the end of the story. You can list the lyrics at the end if you want to, but you don't have to.