Reed '05: Let there be dragons. Doesn't have to be a D&D role-playing fantasy world sort of thing; could be a dream, or a story someone's reading, or a horse's name. Maybe someone collects dragon statues, or has a dragon tattoo. Or maybe dragons are simply a metaphor for something else. All that matters is that a dragon or dragons are somehow included in the storyline, ideally as a central part rather than just a cast off mention (where'd be the challenge in that, after all?).

Elder '05: Write a story about one of the Seven's gear - I'm thinking mainly Old West like spurs, saddle, bridle, chaps, hat, lariat, boots, horse, etc but if you're into ATF or one of the modern series then a car or computer or secret decoder ring would work also. Bonus points if the gear comes or is given as a Christmas present. 'Tis the season coming up!

  • Endurance
  • Universe: OW
  • Pairing: C/B
  • Rating: NC-17

Rowan '06: Write about flexibility - emotional, physical, mental. Or, conversely, you could write about inflexibility of the same kind, but something along those lines. How the boys have to be flexible in their lines of work...or in the bedroom.

Ash '06: Warts and All. Can our favourite slashed pairings see faults in their partners? Is there a single personality trait, or a combination of traits, that irritate either in a specific situation, or generally as part of the other person's character? Is there a bad habit that drives one or other of them nuts? Of course there is, it's up to us to find them, illustrate them, and maybe suggest how our boys deal.

Willow '06: File-Open-Select challenge. Sift through your files and pick a story that's never been finished. Share your favorite paragraph(s). Consider it a tantalizing glimpse in the form of a ficlet.

Oak '06: 15 minute challenge. Set the timer for fifteen minutes. Write until it dings. Post what you churn out in that time. Done. If you need a more specific prompt, consider: memory.

Holly '06: Kiss challenge. Give us a kiss. Chaste, horny, private, outs the pairing, reunion, parting, sweet, dirty. Just seal the deal.

  • First
  • Universe: OW
  • Pairing: V/E
  • Rating: PG-13

Ivy '05: In fanfic the only one of the seven who has a phobia assigned to them regularly is Vin with claustrophobia. Pick any one of the seven, give them a phobia and put them in a situation where they have to deal with it. The only fear not open for use is claustrophobia because it's already been done...unless you want to assign it to someone other than Vin.

Ivy '06: Drabble challenge. A drabble is 100 words. Make it Old West on a hot day. From there it's up to you.

Mistletoe '05: "Festival of light." This can be taken literally or liberally. Luminaries tucked into the snow, what brings light to the holiday season for the boys or, more specifically, to their lives by the light of the Christmas tree, firelight, so on and so forth.

Mistletoe '06: Word association challenge. Use 'mistletoe' as your prompt. Write six paragraphs on the theme, no word limit.