Willow '06: Untitled

Vin woke slowly. It was an unusual cascade of sensations.

He stretched languidly, hands skimming the cool, tangled sheets in search. His feet busied themselves as well, running over the end of the bed, toes hooking around the edge to follow the soft line around both corners. He mumbled and rolled over, head lolling, eyes cracking open to look at the spot he'd just vacated and the spot next to him.


Vin frowned.

They'd spent the night together. They'd done much more.

He pushed onto the flat of his palm, pushed himself to sit upright, and blinked several times. Predawn, cool air against his nakedness, pale dimness instead of light against the shadows. He yawned and turned when he heard a rustle beside the bed, smiled because he'd figured it right when he'd decided they'd wake together, too.

As he let his legs drop over the side of the mattress Ezra's hand rested on his shoulder. It was warm, soft, and Ezra's thumb tracked an unconscious circle again and again over his pulse. As he leaned into the touch Ezra's gun pressed into his temple. It was cold, hard, and Ezra's breathing was the only break in the steady hold.

Vin looked up, met Ezra's gaze. A deep, shadowed groove dented the pale skin of Ezra's forehead. His shapely mouth drooped, tucking in at the corners, creating more shadowed grooves. Green eyes narrowed enough for the color to be stolen away.

"You are a fool." Ezra's voice was quiet and dry, devoid of warmth, huskiness, urgency.

Vin shook his head. He didn't care. He certainly didn't feel like a fool. Hands that had raised in natural instinct of desire to grip Ezra's hips began to travel.

It was as if he already knew everything; he'd never tire of learning it all again. He tugged at Ezra's shirt and it came untucked at the back. Vin tunneled into the fabric with both hands, fingers swirling, touching everywhere with restive intent.

He heard Ezra sigh. He felt the rigid muscles soften and relax into his touch. He tilted his head, watched, and waited.

"I am a fool," Ezra whispered.