Reed '02: Over The Threshold

The unexpected phone call inviting him to dinner had triggered a mix of emotions in the seasoned undercover agent leaving him unsure if he had interpreted the subtle signals correctly, but he readily accepted the invitation. Any suspicions he may have had were quickly dissipated the moment Ezra Standish went to step inside the modest ranch past his boss, the formidable Chris Larabee, as the man stood by the open door. An opening barely wide enough for him to squeeze by, but Larabee seemed to be preoccupied and didn't move.

Not at all deterred, Ezra slipped through as he did so his left arm inadvertently swept against Chris' pelvis and ducking his head for a quick look, a smile threatened to creep across his face. Knowing full well that confined within those dark jeans the blond was rock hard and straining against the rough material started up an inane conversation, all while casually weaving through the furniture gracefully stepping about the room, taking furtive glances in Chris' direction.

Ezra stood in front of the fireplace idly looking at the array of odds and ends that adorned the mantle. He hadn't seen Chris approach and was taken off guard, involuntarily flinching when the man pulled him into an unexpected embrace. The Southerner suddenly found himself the recipient of a hot passionate kiss and responded in turn by grasping a firm ass cheek before breaking away with a happy grin muttering, "My dear man what took you so long?"

Ezra leaned forward and resumed the kiss, taking the erotic nature of the moment up a notch by trying to suck Chris' tongue into his own mouth, slowly grinding his hip into the unbearably tight black jeans.

The entwined pair briefly shuffled across the wood floor until Larabee's backside rested against the arm of the leather couch. Standish once again broke away hesitantly asking. "Do you want this?"

The response was a breathless whisper. "Yes!"

"Good." Ezra grinned, grasping the other man's pelvis and slowly guided him backward until they pressed into the leather cushions.

The Southerner playful nipped at the blond's ear, nibbling a path down the smoothly shaven neck, gently plucking open shirt buttons, pulling the material out of the way as he worked across the warm quivering flesh. Chris closed his eyes and relaxed under his ministrations apparently surrendering to pleasure of the moment.

Wrapped in a sensual haze, Chris gasped as a hungry mouth alternately sucked and nibbled its way around his nipples before subjecting him to a series of light kisses down his muscular belly stopping just below his navel. Moaning unhappily, Larabee opened his eyes to see Standish looking up at him as he nimbly opened the buckle, sliding the belt through the pant loops before the man ducked his head turning his full attention to slowly undoing the zipper. The pressure applied to his groin by the undercover agent's fingers as they grappled with his belt and loosened his jeans was almost enough to send him over the edge.

Deft hands had the pants open, easily maneuvering them off his hips with a gentle tug until they were bunched around Chris' knees. Boxers followed suit and he lay there arms draped across the back of the couch, the cool air playing havoc on his stiff aching cock as Ezra moved away from him. A second later a hot eager mouth locked with his own for long moment before breaking away and swallowing him whole. Reflex had him gripping the couch back thrusting his hips towards the warm wet mouth and talented tongue as Ezra's hands lightly massaged his hips before reaching back and squeezing a sweaty cheek. The additional stimulation sent Chris into the throes of a powerful mind blowing orgasm that had him arching off the cushions and letting loose a guttural scream as he came.

As his senses returned and his hammering heart began to beat slower, Chris realized that Ezra had moved up and was once again tenderly sucking his nipples. The spent man groaned out a hoarse, "Oh my god." His words were lost as the Southerner kissed him passionately while pressed into him; the smooth material of the designer shirt rubbing across Chris' flaccid member revived it.

Ezra chuckled pulling free from the blond's insistent mouth. "I'd say you're up for more."

Using more restraint than he thought possible, he pushed himself off the couch and away from Larabee. "Let's adjourn the rest of this soiree until we get into the other room." Smiling down at his lover, Ezra patted a bare thigh before heading towards the bedroom, leaving a horny man in his wake, laughing when he heard his name called, followed by a series of thumps mixed with frustrated expletives as Chris struggled to free himself of the tight jeans tangled around his feet.