Elder '02: Bubbles, Too

With a thick layer of foamy bubbles covering the water as slowly Ezra sagged back in the hot tub, he was fully enjoying the electric sensation spreading through his groin. Waves of warm water lapped over the edge of the tub washing over the side to pond on the floor. He idly wondered just how long a person could hold their breath, when after rapid series of taps, the bathroom door squeaked open revealing the handsome smiling face of J.D. Dunne, the young man's voice echoed through the tiled room.

"Excuse me Ez, but have you seen Chris?"

The southerner suddenly tensed, gripping the sides of the tub while stifling a groan.

"You okay?"

"A muscle cramp, hence the long soak ...so if you don't mind..."

"Sure… sure..."

"If you see Chris..."

"I'll let him know… J.D. mind locking the door?" The carefully annunciated words effectively conveyed Standish's feelings about being bothered.

Dunne conceited to the other man's wishes, nodded, turning the lock as he slipped out.

The door barely clicked shut, when a well-sculpted ass bobbled up through the suds then re-submerged when a grinning Chris Larabee broke through the surface of the water.

"That'll teach ya not to lock the door." The blond smirked before disappearing under the thick layer of bubbles again. The renewed sensation had Ezra loosening his grip on the tub to rest his hands on Chris's shoulders and gasping in pleasure with the knowledge that Apparently the man could hold his breath for a long time.