Mistletoe '02: A Moment

The snow fell outside, but it was warm inside Ezra Standish's modest townhouse, a roaring fire and candle light gave his living room a cheery glow, the southerner hurried about making sure that everything was indeed ready that it was perfect. The table was set; there was one last minute detail that would complete the effect.

The door bell rang mere seconds after Ezra had finished. He knew without looking who it was and opened the door and not bothering to close it as pulled his visitor into a hot wet kiss. They broke apart a long moment later.

"Wow, Ez... " Chris couldn't even complete his train of thought, he was thrilled by the surprising greeting..

"Seemed appropriate, my dear man," was all Ezra said as his gaze moved upward towards the sprig of mistletoe hanging over the door. "Happy anniversary and Merry Christmas," he said leading his lover into his home.