Reed '02: The First Time

A challenge indeed, Chris Larabee had never known he could feel this way again. He hadn’t given another living soul a thought not since Sarah. The question now was how could he convey this fragile part of his psyche revealing his growing desire for that person, especially since it was a debonair agent under his command a man going by the name of Ezra Standish. What held him back now was the fear of rejection Chris wasn’t sure whether or not Ezra would welcome his intentions. Having already loved and lost he knew had to try rather than wonder for the rest of his life, the blond man tossed aside his emotional insecurities, long held sexual reservations and after hitting the speed dial picked up the phone.

"Hello Ezra?"

Trying to steady his hand he drew the blade over his skin, cutting through the creamy layer of lather. Chris wanted to be clean-shaven for Ezra. The tough team leader was as nervous as a schoolgirl getting ready for her first date. All he knew was Standish had agreed to come over; he would have to test the waters without being too obvious and figure out where to go from there. After rinsing the remnants of shaving cream from his face Chris took a deep breath then went to get dressed.

The doorbell rang just as Larabee was buckling up his pants, embarrassed by the fact he was already sporting a rigid package and the man hadn’t even crossed his threshold. Without taking the time to pull his boots on he jogged out of his bedroom in stocking feet heading for the front door. Taking a moment to stare long and hard through peephole as the object of his desire stood on his front stoop Chris nervously licked his lower lip, his heart thumped wildly at the very thought of revealing his intentions to the other man. He waited a long moment before reaching over, unlocking the door and beckoning Ezra in.

Trying to suppress a shuddering breath as the man lightly brushed up against him. Barely composing himself Chris took in Ezra’s lingering scent as he followed him inside the living room one of the few times in his adult life he was unsure of what to do next. Instead he let himself go with the moment, standing in the door watching Standish leisurely walk around the room. Taking in subtle things that made up the complicated man. The deep green eyes, the easy smile and oh god the way he moved. These thoughts brought on a tingling sensation that rose from his groin radiating rapidly through rest of his body.

The handsome southerner for his part was already engaged in idle chatter, most of which Larabee had missed, seemed blissfully unaware of what raced through his companion’s mind as Chris approached him.

Without so much as a preamble, or a softly uttered word Chris threw all caution and any residual sexual hang ups into the wind and pulled Ezra into hot passionate kiss. For a fleeting second the other man tensed in his embrace, fearing he had made the wrong decision he started to pull away only to be held in place by a well-placed hand on his ass and hot mouth now eagerly responded to his advance breaking away an instant later. Merry green eyes met his own as Ezra grinned his golden molar flashed in the late after noon sun.

"My dear man what took you so long?"