Reed '03: Before The Night Is Over (Anchors Away part 9)

I was about to go right out of my tiny little mind.

Ezra had been teasing me all evening with snippets of conversation in his Southern drawl.

The plug kept massaging me into steel and I was a little afraid my groin was bulging.

I'd had to dance with every woman in the room and twice with Mary Travis.

She'd copped a feel while we were waltzing and I'd almost stumbled in amazement.

The nerve of her, I thought uncharitably and hoped Ezra hadn't seen it. Then again, I sipped on a glass of Owen's scotch and leaned back against the wall, if he did see it, I could almost guarantee I'd be face down on our bed with silk binding me to the four posters while he teased me past all endurance.

"You want to tell me why you're grinning like the Cheshire Cat and scaring all the nice people who know you." Buck startled me and I almost dropped my glass. He was wearing his Navy dress whites and every woman in the room was lusting after him. "Nice move with Mary."

"Damn, did Ezra see her?" I cast a quick look around but couldn't spot him.

"Oh, yeah, Chris, he saw her. He bristled all over for a minute then he got that 'cat with a canary look', you know the one I mean." Buck smiled knowingly and winked.

If I'd been a woman, my panties would be wringing wet. As it was, I felt like adjusting myself in way-too-tight pants. "Well, I guess it's a good thing you guys aren't coming out until Sunday. I should be done screaming and pleading by then."

He barked out sudden laughter and shook all over with the force of his mirth. I tried on a glare but he saw right through it and kept on laughing. JD joined us then, splitting his glance between the two of us. He was dressed as the stereotypical computer nerd with taped glasses, a bow tie around his neck, slicked back hair and a pocket protector bristling with pens.

"What's so funny, Buck?" He asked and I watched Buck get that tender look in his eye.

He had it almost as badly as I did, I thought with an inner smile, trying to keep the glare on my face. My eye was caught by Nathan dressed as a doctor dancing with his wife Rain dressed as a harem girl. That led to a flashback of one of my very favorite memories of Ezra dressed as a pleasure slave for the bust of a Middle Eastern potentate dealing in illegal arms.

He'd kept the costume complete with veil and every once in a while we'd play the Pasha and the concubine. Thinking about that wasn't helping my problem and now JD was grinning at me, too. I'd missed Buck's explanation, but it must have been complete because JD's eyes were bright with laughter. It was a good look for him and Buck must have thought so too because he'd gone sultry and his voice dropped even deeper.

"I think it's time we depart, Mr. Larabee." Ezra's voice came from behind Buck and I straightened with an almost audible snap.

I was so owned by the green-eyed beauty gazing at me with loving promises in his eyes.

"That's a real good idea, Ez'," Buck smiled down at my lover." JD needs his beauty sleep and I need to tuck him in."

"TMI, Mr. Wilmington." Ezra shook a finger at him. "Much too much information."

"Nothing you're not already thinking, Ez'." Buck grinned. "I'd like you to take it easy on ol' Chris here. He's not as young as he used to be."

I tried to protest but Ezra silenced me with one heated glance. "I shall take very good care of Mr. Larabee. Do not come out to the ranch until after noon on Sunday." Another sizzling look and I tightened all over. "I shall be . . . taking care of him for quite some time."

Oh god, I was going to be rode hard and put away wet.

I could hardly wait. ***************************** The end of part nine