Mistletoe 04: Fireplace

Vin sighed softly, feeling as comfortable and lethargic as he could remember ever being. He was warm and the heavy meal they'd consumed just a little while ago was lulling him toward sleep. He hugged Ezra to him, snuggling into the down comforter they'd dragged onto the floor with them.

"We really gotta get us a fireplace."

Ezra's low chuckle rumbled softly. "You want to remodel the barracks then?"

Vin placed a kiss in Ezra's hair. "Either that, or see if Joe and Levon will let us move in permanently."

"I own half the ranch, Vin." Ezra laughed lightly, tilting his head to the side and back to look up at Vin. "But even if I didn't, they wouldn't say no to us."

Vin frowned. "Then why'd they make a point of lettin' us know we'd have the place to ourselves when they asked us to come up?"

"Because they went to New York to spend New Year's with some of Joe's family." Ezra stated calmly, eyes blinking sleepily. "And Levon needed someone to look after the horses."

Vin nodded. That made sense. He shook his head slightly. No, it didn't make sense. They could have asked the neighbor or one of their teammates.

Ezra pulled their bound hands up to his mouth to place a soft kiss against Vin's knuckles. "You aren't the only one who appreciates the finer points of making love in front of an open fire, love."

Vin snickered. "So this is what…a belated Christmas present?"

"You would have preferred something else?" Ezra arched an eyebrow, before pouting slightly, clearly teasing Vin.

"No. Not just no, hell no." Vin moved to pulled Ezra on to his chest. "Can't imagine getting a better gift than getting to see you naked bathed in firelight."

Ezra smiled warmly, green eyes taking on a pleased glow like a satisfied cat. He leaned in to kiss Vin, whispering against his lips. "Happy New Year."