Mistletoe '06: Traditions

"Ya know that stuff is poisonous?"

"I know." Ezra gave Vin a feral smile, one full of intent. "I wasn't planning on eating it."

Vin licked his lips, a feeling of anticipation rising in him as his lover stalked closer. "What were ya plannin' ta do with it?"

"I believe it serves a traditional purpose."

"You said ya hated traditions." Ezra had objected to nearly every suggestion Vin had made with regard to celebrating the holiday.

"No," Ezra corrected, leaning in closer, holding the small green sprig over his head. "I said I hated foolish traditions."

Green eyes watched him, weighing his expression, making sure he was understood. "Watching overly sentimental claptrap produced by Hollywood, eating sweets until you are nearly sick, freezing your ass off playing in the snow---those are foolish traditions."

Another smile, this one teasing and inviting. "There is nothing stupid about taking every opportunity to kiss you."

Now that was something Vin could whole heartedly agree with.