Reed '06: Virtual Hugs & Kisses

Man. My ass hurts. Wouldn’t mind if it hurt for a good reason---like say going on a ten mile hike or even better like say letting JD top me for a night. But no, my ass hurts because I’ve been sitting on it for most of the day. Just isn’t normal for a man to do that. It just isn’t.

And the reason I’ve been on my ass for what feels like forever is because the weather sucks. I mean, well and truly sucks. Wind, rain, sleet, and just for good measure fog. I hate the Pacific Northwest.

Can’t fly they tell me. Makes me want to hurt someone. Back in the service I flew through all kinds of shitty weather and with Seven for Hire I’ve flown through even more. Not these civilian types. Nope. No can do. Gotta be concerned with safety and abide by the FAA regs. Under other circumstances I might actually respect that. But I’ve been away from Camp AWOL for a week. Seven long, boring, ass numbing days. I’m tired, and I want to go home. Now.

Would have been nice if Chris had sent JD along with me. But the kid had some other computer thing to do for the team. Kind of weird to be so proud of what my younger lover can do when I got no real idea of just what it is he does. Don’t matter I guess. He can do stuff the rest of us can’t. Reason enough to be proud.

My phone chirps telling me I got mail. JD set the thing up for me so I could read and send e-mail, get pictures and what not. He did the same thing for the rest of the team. Although, Josiah can’t ever seem ta get his to work worth a damn. I think he’s got something against technology in general. No other reason for him to be trying to fix ‘Hoss’. The damn Hummer is a lost cause. He’s the only one who can’t see that.

I’d sent a message telling the boys I was gonna be delayed--again. Figure this is one of them checking in. Can’t help grinning when I realize it’s JD. He sent me a new game to play while I wait. I’d already gotten through every level on the two he load for me before I left.

The game isn’t the only reason I’m grinning though. He signed his message with a bunch of X’s and O’s. Closest thing to a hug and a kiss I’m gonna get for awhile. Virtual hugs and kisses aren't nearly as good as the real thing, but I'm willing to take what I can get for now. I send him back a thank you with few X’s and O’s of my own.

I stand up and stretch. I want to massage my ass but this lady with two little kids in tow keeps sending me dirty looks. Better to keep my hands in plain sight. She probably thinks I’m an axe murderer or a terrorist or something.

I breathe a sigh of relief when they finally call for us to board. I fire off a quick message to JD before I have to turn off my phone. I want him ta be ready to make good on those hugs and kisses for real. I am more than ready to have my ass hurt for a good reason for a change.