Vine '06: Possum

Author note: The pairing is intended to be ambiguous....which is definitely out of the ordinary for me. As is the style. So I think I get a gold star for that, even though I may have violated the actual time limit slightly. :-_

I learned to play possum a long time ago.

I'd discovered if I remained still I would be rewarded. If I could keep my breathing slow—deep—even. If I maintained a lax expression of repose and kept my hands quiet, I would be graced with what I longed for. And sign of consciousness and the moment would be lost.

Feather light fingers would brush through my hair. Soft lips-- sometimes warm and moist, sometimes dry and chapped--always gentle would grace my temple or forehead. A whisper light benediction; a small measure of affection and regard granted only in early morning darkness.

It is not an undying declaration of love. He will not—cannot—give me that. It is far from adequate, not nearly enough. Yet, this is all he is able to part with. I am not satisfied, but I am content.

It is the reason I learned to play possum a long time ago.