Ivy '03: A Little Religion

It had been exactly sixty-two minutes.

Make that sixty-three minutes. And the seconds were ticking away.

So was his patience. He was feeling stuffy, crowded, and extremely out of place. Worse, it was the first night in almost three weeks that one or the other of them hadn't had some work-related meeting or responsibility in preparation for the upcoming case involving illegal importing of dangerously high-proof Mexican liqueur.

All he wanted to get the hell out of this damn suit and tie and fuck his lover's brains out.

They'd been at this damn party three minutes (uh, make that four minutes… and counting) longer than he'd been promised they'd have to be. Just an hour, he'd said. Make an appearance, then we can leave, he'd said. It's just being courteous, he'd said.

Of course, JD was right. After all, it was Casey's engagement party and Nettie had extended the invitation personally. Casey might now be engaged to one of the more pompous assholes in the world, but she was still family and Nettie would be offended if they just disappeared. So he stood in the corner near the big picture window looking over the golf course and sipped at his beer and sighed as he watched JD chatting with Casey and what's-his-name.

Vin grinned. What's-his-name was looking back and forth between his lovely fiancee and JD, who were having a spirited and rather animated discussion. From the look at what's-his- name's face, he was completely feigning his interest in the subject. Either that, or (more likely) he wasn't able to follow the conversation at all. Many people suffered that pitfall when JD and Casey really got going. Of course, most people had more sense than to try to pretend they understood and would just walk away, leaving the two to hash out whatever topic they were on.

'Looks like what's-his-name ain't got the sense of most people,' Vin chuckled to himself.

He glanced at his watch. Sixty-seven minutes.

Okay, to hell with courtesy. He weaved his way through the crowd, closing in just in time to hear Casey argue something about Nietzsche and European narcotics, and rested a heavy hand on JD's shoulder before the hacker could respond.

"JD, Chris called," the sharpshooter lied easily. "Needs us to pull those surveillance tapes from the Henderson case for the meeting tomorrow."

JD glanced up, seeing the light in Vin's eyes, and cocked a knowing eyebrow.

"You have to go in to work on Saturday night?" an affected voice queried, the sympathy almost too fake for Vin to keep a straight face. He glanced over at… what the hell was this guy's name anyway?

"Shoot, yeah," JD said quickly, setting his drink on the nearby table. "I had a feeling this was gonna happen, but I didn't want to believe it, ya know?"

Casey's eyes shifted from one ATF agent to the other, and she smiled shrewdly, obviously not buying the story for a second. "Belief means not wanting to know what is true," she quipped cryptically, leaving both Vin and what's-his-name frowning slightly and JD shooting her a withering gaze.

"As it is convenient, let us believe," he quipped back. Casey grinned and was about to retort when Vin held up a hand.

"Uh-uh, you two will one-up each other all night and then we'll never get out of here," he said, taking a firm grip on JD's arm. "Say goodnight, Gracie."

"Goodnight, Gracie," JD and Casey said together, then laughed.

What's-his-name looked even more confused. Vin sighed; it would be a sad day when Casey married a guy who didn't even get classic Burns and Allen.

"We'll see you next Saturday," Vin declared as JD gave his former girlfriend a quick peck on the cheek. "Tell Nettie we'll be there at nine sharp to start on the roof." Casey nodded and saluted them with her champagne glass, then led her future spouse off toward a passel of her U of Denver friends.

JD grinned as Vin hustled him toward the door. "Henderson tapes, huh?" he murmured to his lover. "You've been working for an hour to come up with that?"

"Had it ready `fore we got here," Vin growled, pushing JD through the door to the hotel hallway. "Knew if I waited 'til I got here to come up with my excuse I'd be too busy watchin' yer ass in them pants and makin' mental jokes about… what the hell is that guy's name anyway?"

"Who, Edgar?"

"Edgar!" Vin sighed in relief. "All that money and they couldn't come up with a better name than Edgar?"

Vin pushed JD none-too-gently into the coat room and up against the support beam. He pressed against the younger man in a demanding kiss, only pulling back when the need for air finally won out over the need to swallow JD's tonsils. "What the hell were the two of you yammerin' about back there anyway? Ol' Edgar looked like you were talkin' Greek or somethin'."

"Casey's taking a course in philosophy of world religions this semester," JD breathed, leaning his head against Vin's shoulder as the taller man stroked his arms lazily. "They're currently discussing Agnosticism."

"Ain't that the belief that there ain't no god?" Vin nibbled lazily on JD's ear, causing the younger man to shiver with delight.

"That's… oh yeah… that's atheism. Agnosticism is the idea that nothing is known or can be known about any god that does exist."

JD's hands tightened on Vin's back as Vin's tongue lazed against his neck. Vin grinned into the soft skin under him and moved his way down to the hollow of JD's throat, kissing and nibbling the whole way.

"Surprised ya ain't dragged Josiah into that discussion," Vin murmured as his hands slipped passed the waist of JD's fine-knit grey trousers, letting his fingernails scratch lightly across the young man's briefs. "Sounds like somethin' he'd get a kick outta."

"Have, actually…" JD groaned as a finger teased his most sensitive spot through the silken material. Vin chuckled and slipped a single finger under the elastic of the leg, finding its way to the dark place. His other hand slipped round to the collar of JD's dress shirt and started fumbling with buttons.

JD's hand moved to stop him. "Vin, we're in the coatroom of a major hotel," he gasped. "We're in plain view of anybody who could walk in."

Vin paused, pulling back to view his lover carefully. JD's face was flushed, his eyes dilated, and his expression read anything BUT 'stop' despite the words of protest coming from those lusciously kiss-swollen lips.

"Yer right," the Texan agreed with a wicked grin. With one pull and push, he yanked JD through the coats to the other side of the rack, hiding them between the coats and the wall. "Now we're hid." Before JD could say anything more, Vin dropped to his knees and mouthed JD's already prominent bulge. JD gasped in surprise and not a little excitement.

"Vin…" he hissed softly, but his hands clutched and pulled, encouraging more. Vin chuckled low as his nimble fingers quickly undid the zipper before him and allowed JD's cock to spring forth.

"Hmm." Vin drew a single nail lightly up the underside of his toy. "Thinkin' I should be doin' some worshipin' myself." His tongue snaked out to taste the moisture leaking from the slit, and JD hiccupped softly. "A little praisin'…" He moved his lips against the tip and spoke again. "A little prayer…" He slipped the head between his lips and gave a gentle suck, causing JD to squeak through tightly clenched teeth.

He pulled back and looked up at JD's face, enjoying the mixture of terror and thrill, exhilaration and ecstasy swirling through hooded eyes that stared down at him, watching his every move. He let his breath move over JD's cock as he stroked it ever-so-slowly.

"D'ya want it, babe?" he whispered, his lips barely touching JD's foreskin as he spoke. JD could do no more than nod jerkily, and then Vin was swallowing him down in earnest, taking him in to the root and sliding up again, sucking gently as he withdrew, humming lightly as he moved down again. JD, for his part, simply wove his fingers through sienna locks and tried to keep breathing.

"God, Vin," he gasped.

Vin chuckled as he drew back, ignoring the slight twinges of pain as JD clench at his hair. "God Vin," he murmured between laps along the length before him. "I could live with that." He let his teeth graze the rock hard member ever-so- lightly, eliciting a nearly silent squeal from his lover who chose that moment to sink his teeth into the shoulder of a nearby leather jacket.

"Though, I'm thinkin'," Vin continued, rolling JD's swollen sacks in on hand as the other began a slow, rhythmic stroking motion. "Lord Vin?" He leaned in to nuzzle and kiss at JD's belly button and abdomen. "Vin Almighty?"

He nibbled his way slowly down his prize, listening to JD's strained hiccupping breaths and the noises that indicated his young lover was practically hemorrhaging in an effort to contain his normally loud vocalizations. The sounds made Vin even hotter, but a glance at JD's nearly purple face, a mixture of intense concentration and extreme pleasure, had the sharpshooter decide that some pity was in order. He ran his tongue back toward the head and began to suck in earnest.

JD thought his eye balls might actually pop out of their sockets from his efforts to remain quiet. He couldn't BELIEVE Vin was doing this to him! In the coat closet of the Saint James Hotel, no less… he was sure his devout Catholic mother was either rolling in her grave or peeing her cloud in hysterical laughter; the woman did have a wicked and rather worldly sense of humor in spite of her spiritual beliefs…

Vin's sucking intensified again, and JD chomped down on his tongue to contain a wail of ecstasy as his world exploded into stars and fire. He was coming and coming and coming… and then he was being kissed gently as he realized the only thing keeping him standing was a pair of arms wound around his waist. He opened his eyes and met a pair of twinkling blues that were considering him with endless love and not a little mischief.

"God, Vin," he gasped, his brain refusing to hit the restart button just yet.

Vin peppered kisses over his eyelids and gave a deep, throaty giggle. "Yes, my son? Do you have a confession to make?"

"Mmm," JD growled, his hands finding Vin's ass and squeezing tightly. "Not yet, but you better have an hour to set aside tomorrow."

"And why would that be?" Vin asked, his mouth curving in an evil grin. JD grinned wickedly as he pulled his lover toward the parking lot door.

"Cuz I plan to break a whole bunch of Commandments tonight!"