Mistletoe '04: The Mini's

Killing Time

He stared at the flight board again. "How long?"

"Maybe an hour, more likely two. There's snow in Chicago." She scanned her listings. "I could swap you a flight through Minneapolis?"

"There's snow in Chicago but not in Minnesota?" The attendant shrugged. "That's just wrong."

"Would that help?"

"Nah, thanks."

He sighed and walked back to his partner. "We got at least an hour, pard."

Chris leaned back in his chair. "That much time, huh?"

Vin knew that look and grinned. "You wanna ride, I'll ride ya. Just try not to scream this time. Explainin' it to security's a bitch."


<:> ~ <:> ~ <:> ~ <:>

First One

"You awake?"

" s'pose."

"If you're not, just say it."

"If'n I'm not, how c'n I say anythin'?"


"Well, now I'm up, so *what*?"


"Come on, what?" He stroked his lover's shoulder lightly. "What's the matter."

"Just…" Green eyes gazed toward the window. Outside, a light frost of snow was starting to cover the trees.

Blue eyes squinted, for a moment confused before realization settled in. "You're first?"

Ezra nodded. Vin pulled him in closer. " 'n ya just wanted to share, huh?" The second nod was barely perceptible. "Aw, Ez." He kissed a bare shoulder.

"Merry Christmas, Vin."

"You too, babe."


<:> ~ <:> ~ <:> ~ <:>

Bring on the Spanish Inquisition

Staring out the window, Josiah groaned. This was surely the ultimate trip from hell.

"You okay?"


Chris glanced at his long-time lover, knowing exactly what was going through the older man's head. "I believe that translates to 'nope,' right?"


Chris sighed as he turned onto the snow-lined street. The flight had been bad enough, with Josiah practically meditating the whole way. But that was better that this nerve-wracked stiffness.

"They aren't going to kill you."

"Worse. They're going to interrogate me."

"It's just my family."

"It's your *mother*."

Chris sighed and turned the car into the driveway.



<:> ~ <:> ~ <:> ~ <:>

Family Gatherings

Josiah glared at the door to the den. Besides his six teammates, he had four Travises, two Wellses, three Potters, Nathan's wife and father, Buck's stripper girlfriend, Ezra's ever-demanding mother and latest well-heeled stepfather, Chris' sister Marietta and JD's seventy-eight year old great-aunt Louise.

Five Christian denominations, three political party affiliations, an avid sports hunter verses two vegetarians, a Broncos fan butting heads with a Raiders fan, and a septuagenarian teetotaler eyeing the beer and Ezra's twelve-year-old scotch.

And the ham was dry.

Why did he offer to host Christmas this year?

"Need a little help, pard?"

Josiah sighed gratefully as his lover leaned against him. "Just questioning my sanity."

"It's Christmas with family. Ain't supposed to be sane."

"Amen, and ain't that the truth."


<:> ~ <:> ~ <:> ~ <:>

Chris' Christmas Eve

Chris stared out his window and considered his options. It was a lovely evening, all things considered. The snow was deep and crisp, sparkling in the moonlight, but the weather was actually milder than it had been for a while. The sky was clear, allowing the stars to shimmer and the full moon to glisten down on the world, giving a feeling of tranquility to the moment.

He looked at the presents wrapped and piled in the back seat, waiting to be placed under the tree. On the seat next to him sat two gallons of apple cider ready for brewing, and a bag of groceries with all the needs for a good Christmas Eve meal. He even had a nice brandy ready for Ezra's special touch with the warming tray, and a port wine that Josiah was bound to love when served with the chocolate mousse Vin had been perfecting for weeks.

Everyone was probably there already, Ezra and Nathan arguing in the kitchen over exactly how the ham should be cooked, Vin and Josiah staying safely out of it in the living room by the fireplace, Buck and JD drifting between trying to steal snitches of food and watching some cheesy holiday movie on the tube.

Now, if only he hadn't run out of gas.

They were never going to let him live this down.