Willow '06: The Magnificent Blending - WIP

** Prologue **

"…Once it was believed that there were only Four Aspects of Magic among our people: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. For centuries these Aspects were known to be the gifts from those greater than us, and our rulers honored our ancestors by Blending them into a singular Entity. But as time passed, we can to learn that there are two other aspects to the Highest Realms: Life, attune to the ways of the body and being of plants and creatures, and Spirit, attune to the emotions of the Great Beyond. These aspects completed the Blending, bringing balance and harmony to its existence.

"In that same time as the first Sixfold Blending came together, our empire was challenged by a dark time. The reigning Four had become ruthless and tyrannical, and it was the First Six who saved us all from the oppression of the Evil of the Four. The Four were defeated by the Six and a new age dawned for our people.

"But even as the First Six took the throne and brought peace to our land, the first Prophecies were spoken: that one day, the Evil of the Four would return and attempt to reclaim their former power. In such a time, say the Prophecies, there will come the Chosen, a Blending that will spring from all corners of the land. There will be tangible signs of their being, hidden from the sight of those who would oppose them. Their might will be clear to their allies, and they shall Blend in their ordinary lives even as they Blend in their aspects. The Chosen shall rise victorious over the Evil that pursues them, bringing our people to the glory of a new day.

"It is for these reasons, these Prophecies, that we hold the competitions every twenty-five years. The strongest of the new Blendings shall take the throne, and shall be sworn to guard and protect our beloved Empire. No Blending may compete twice in their lifetimes, nor shall any Blending be appointed without rising victorious in competition.

"To each reign shall be seen a time of crisis, of testing their rule. Only the true rulers have hope to best their challenges, and surely a false reign shall lead to defeat.

"So it has been written…"

- from Legends, Prophecies and the Blending: The History of the Empire of Unitas (a fourth year school text)

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