Alder '05: Another Night In Four Corners

I've been studying on those green eyes for some time. The way they glitter in the sunlight, especially when there's a joke to be appreciated. Then there's that smile. Oh, my, that smile sucked me in the first time I saw it. Those dimples that dig into his cheeks like someone was trying to mine that gold out of the tooth hidden beneath. The first time that gold flashed my way, I felt a shiver run up my spine and I knew. I knew that I wanted to be the only reason he ever needed to smile.

Got it pretty bad.

Most folks think I sleep in that shaky old wagon. Now that would be plumb loco. Creaks to beat all, and lets in more weather than it keeps out. Good place to stash my bivouac kit but not anything important. Don't leave my guns there. That would be a damn fool thing to do. Keep them in Chris' room at the boarding house. He don't mind. 'Course he doesn't sleep there all that much himself.

Where do I drop my blanket? Been using the upstairs hall of the saloon lately. Right outside his room. Not in front of the door, exactly. That would be foolishness. But close by. Buck gave me a kick in the behind, first time he stumbled down the hall with Molly, after I spread my bedroll. After seeing his future down the bore of my Sharps, he leaves my arse alone when I'm bedded down there.

Sometimes at night. I hear him. He doesn't rest easy. Real restless. Talks in his sleep too. That's why, tonight, I'm not sleeping in the hall. Tonight I'm going to bare my true grit and go in to his den. Yep. Tonight. Course, I'll let him get all settled in cozy first. Wait until he falls down deep into sleep. I'll know because that's when he starts muttering. And this time, when he calls out for me, I aim to be there to answer back.