Oak '06: Desertscapes

It was the shadows moving through the glow of a fire, creating the illusion of a man a hundred times his real size against the red wall of rock that brought him closer. Close enough to hear shuffling feet in the desert sand and Ezra Standish knew it was just a matter of time before he allowed himself to be lured into the open. Until tonight he'd been content to keep his distance. It had been enough to just follow Vin Tanner, to keep watch for however long needed, to keep Vin safe.

When he was honest with himself, Ezra knew his friend didn't need following. Tanner was a grown man, more than able to keep himself safe, but the first time Vin had said he needed to head out for a few days, Standish knew he'd follow because he was intrigued. There was something about the scruffy tracker that had him off balance and he kept trying to put his finger on it to no avail.

The game was on. Vin never outwardly acknowledged that he was being followed, but he always made sure to tell Ezra he was heading out. A wry grin would cross the tracker's handsome countenance, daring him to come along. So he followed Vin's unhurried pace, always lagging behind, but close enough to lend assistance if needed and he was rewarded. Vin never took him to same place twice, each time he discovered a new watering hole, a new cliff to view the expansive vista from, and colors so vibrant they took his breath away, and so it was that Ezra found himself seeing the beauty of the desert with new eyes. He liked to think that he was seeing it through Vin's eyes, but he scoffed at the notion as men were supposed to, even if he did believe it true.

Tonight the fire at Vin's camp was built high; Ezra could feel the heat from fifty yards out. Being able to finally see Vin, the heat gathered in Ezra's stomach and spread down to pool in his groin. Dick hard as steel, Ezra stepped into Vin's campsite.

Dressed only in a loin cloth and moccasins, Vin's skin shone bronze in the glow of the fire. He literally glistened from his exertions and with each movement another piece of flesh was highlighted by the firelight, if only for a brief moment, and then a new place took prominence. Vin's movements captivated Ezra. The lithe torso writhing, dipping, and spinning with such grace and wantonness that his body couldn't help but react. His eyes mapped the hard planes and his mind couldn’t help but create vivid pictures of what it would be like to touch the glistening body, to taste it, to feel Vin's naked flesh against his.

On and on it went until Ezra thought he'd lose his mind and suddenly Vin stopped. Breathing hard, sweat dripping off his body in random places, Vin held a hand out and with a flick of his wrist motioned him forward.