Alder '04: Mud Larks

"You ever think about how lucky we are?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," his partner replied with one of his huge shit-eating grins.

Chris leaned into him and planted a playful kiss on his cheek. Buck turned so that he could return the kiss, but on Chris' all too willing lips, running his hand through the short hair at the nape of Chris' neck. Before they knew what was happening, the pair were kissing passionately.

"We could be scarred for life you know!" Vin's amused voice cut through their mutual desire and they pulled away suddenly.

"As if," Buck commented sarcastically.

"Are you saying my tender young psyche isn't going to be affected by the sight of my fathers snogging?" JD asked with mock innocence.

"Yes," Chris affirmed.

They had had a great day, the kind of day that, when the boys first arrived, they thought would never come, but had many times. The kind of day they had all longed to have again after recent family upheavals and tragedies. The boys had been competing in the junior section of the local rodeo. As well as the events they were accustomed to competing in, they had entered for their first tag team roping contest, and to everyone's surprise, had come fourth, an amazing performance their first try, not that they hadn't been practising for months. As a reward, their fathers had relaxed the rules about junk food and they had all stopped for burgers on the way home. Once unloaded and fed, the boys led Beau and Maverick out to the field behind the barn. That was when they discovered, that the valve that controlled the water flow into the drinking trough, had failed while they were out. The water had overflowed, turning the hard packed mud by the gate into a quagmire. It was too much of a temptation. So while Chris and Buck sat on the back of Buck's old truck and the horses wandered off to roll, greet the other horses and graze, the two teens threw mud at each other.

Buck scrutinised the two grinning, filthy teens, and suddenly realised what was wrong; they both had their hands behind their backs.

"What have you got there?" he asked.

"Nothin'," JD replied, trying hard not to giggle.

That's when they knew they were in trouble, but it was too late. Four fistfuls of wet mud were already flying through the air toward them. Instinctively dropping back to avoid the missiles, the two men fell back into the truck, leaving their boots hanging over the edge. The mud projectiles flew over them to splatter the back of the cab.

"Oh they're gonna pay fer that!" Buck growled as he watched his truck despoiled.

"Just…" Chris kissed him quickly. "… remember," another kiss, "I'm on your side."

With that they extricated themselves from the truck bed and went after the two teens in search of revenge. Almost an hour later, by which time it was almost dark, the family finally called a truce and traipsed, wet, mud encrusted, tired and happy, back to the house.

"Guys, don't go inside like that," Chris warned. "Strip off on the back porch."

"What do we do with these?" Vin asked, looking down at his clothes.

"Leave them over the railing, they'll dry overnight and then we can beat off most of the mud before we try and wash them."

"Who gets to wash where?" JD wanted to know.

"Well, Chris and me are gonna use our bathroom, one of you gets the one upstairs and one gets the little shower downstairs," Buck reasoned.

"But who has t' go upstairs?" JD pressed. The shower off the mud room was serviceable, but small and basic. He wanted to know, because as the youngest he felt he was always being stuck with the raw deal, so he was ready to protest that it wasn't fair if that happened.

"Whoever gets there first," Chris pointed out.

"Ah hell," Vin complained as JD was already pulling his shirt off.

Vin did try, but it was a foregone conclusion, his tight, button up 501's were always going to take longer to remove than his brother's looser, zip fly Wranglers.

By the time Chris and Buck were down to their undershorts, both boys were already in the shower. Their shower was not basic, it was shiny, had multiple power jets, and was plenty big enough for two.


"Man that feels good," Buck sighed as the hot water hit his back.

"I think I have mud in my ear," Chris commented as he stepped in after him.

"Le' me look." Buck didn't wait for a response he just started examining the ear Chris had been poking his finger into.

"Yup, looks like one of them scored a direct hit. Le' me wash yer hair, that'll most likely wash most of it out."

"Sure." Chris angled his head back; so more water drenched his filthy hair. "Mmm," he sighed, as Buck began to massage shampoo into his scalp.

For a while there was no sound but the water, as Buck concentrated on washing every scrap of mud out of his lover's corn blond hair, making sure some of the suds washed away the mud from the ear. Eventually he was satisfied he had it all out and could concentrate on rinsing out the suds. Letting his fingers trail down the lean, hard body with the trails of foam.

"That's nice," Chris commented as Buck began to use the washed out shampoo to wash Chris' back, using the flat of his hand to massage his partner's shoulder blades.

It was tempting to just stand there and let Buck wash him, but that wasn't fair. Reluctantly he turned around and smiled up at his tall lover. "Your turn."

Buck nodded, a small half smile on his face as he turned his back. Chris loved Buck's hair; it was so thick and soft. He loved to run his hand through it, loved its slight wave and the rich, deep colour, almost but not quite black. Like Buck before him, he took longer than was necessary to actually wash Buck's hair, enjoying the simple pleasure of washing his lover.

Once Buck's back was clean he turned again to so they were once again face to face. Reaching over Chris' shoulder and squeezed out a handful of shower gel, he began to rub it into Chris' chest. Chris smiled up at him, as he scooped of a quantity of foam from his own chest and began to mirror Buck's actions, massaging it into his lover's chest, loving - as he always did - the feel of his partner's sparse chest hair running through his fingers. One by one they took it in turns to raise an arm and let the other wash them.

Buck was the first one to drop down onto his knees. He was careful to start with the legs, tenderly washing up each one with generous amounts of gel, removing every trace of mud. Only when Chris was as clean as he could be did he go near his partner's groin. Chris' penis was already hard, jutting out as it always did at a near perfect ninety degrees, glistening as water cascaded of the tip. Lovingly, he rubbed more gel between is hands and gently enclosed the engorged shaft between him. He rubbed it gently, running his fingertips up and down, running his thumb along the ridge along the underside and over the slit at the end, knowing how much Chris loved that. He was rewarded by a deep, shuddering sigh from his lover, whose hands were now running through his wet hair. Every now and again he fondled Chris' balls and stroked the tender spot of skin behind them. Which made Chris almost lose his balance. Chris' dick was now leaking pre cum, and Buck stretched out his tongue to lick it off.

"Easy, I wanna save it," Chris warned. Buck looked up quizzically. "Together."

Buck grinned and stood up. Lovemaking with two boys in the house was infrequent and often aborted. The chance to fool about in the shower was rare and to be cherished. Chris reached down and ran his hand along Buck's own shaft, equally as hard and needy as Chris'. He tilted his head and captured Buck mouth for a long deep kiss, before he began to kiss his way down Buck's neck and shoulder and across his chest. Encountering an erect nipple he kissed it - hard, Buck threw his head back.

"Oh God!" he cried out as Chris began to pull on his shaft with his other hand.

Chris released his chest and began to nuzzle at his ear. "Take me," he whispered.

Buck ginned down at him like, the proverbial cat that got the cream. Chris grinned back at him as he turned around, leaning slightly forward, resting his hands on the tiles and spreading his legs slightly. Buck ran a long, skilled finger down between the twin globes so invitingly presented to him, loving the little quivers and trembles his touch produced. With a quick kiss to his lover's shoulder he sank down, the warm water was still flowing, but he didn't notice. Using his hands he - oh so very gently - spread the cheeks before him a little further and licking his lips with anticipation bestowed a kiss on the puckered opening before him. He felt the instant tremor that his kiss produced and loved it, loved he could pleasure his partner with so simple an action. He pressed his kiss home, using his tongue to penetrate Chris and begin to open him.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" Chris exclaimed. It had been a while since Buck had rimmed him and he'd forgotten how much he liked it, how much it exited him. As Buck's talented tongue began to work on him, he moved back to meet it. "Oh shit! Damn you're good."

Much as he was enjoying his oral ministration, Buck knew it had to stop. Chris wanted them to come together; if he carried on like this Chris was going to 'pop' before they got to the main event. Reluctantly he pulled back, adding some more shower gel to his hand, he pushed one long finger into the already relaxed opening. One was followed quickly by two; he stood without withdrawing his fingers and let his lips play over Chris' back.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Reckon so," Chris answered, his voice husky with desire.

Buck grabbed some more gel and coated his already wet cock, before positioning it at the now well stretched opening. He pressed home in one slow steady move. Feeling the little shudder as he passed the muscle ring, he pressed on until he reached the wonderful moment when he touched that sweet spot deep inside his lover and Chris Larabee became putty in his hands.

"Love you," he breathed, as he kissed the shoulder before him. "Love you too. Oh God!" Chris arched back, as Buck hit his prostate again and a large skilled hand snaked around his lean hips to enclose his aching shaft.

They moved together, each knowing how to give the other the most pleasure, knowing each other's reactions, knowing the others body as well as they knew their own. Buck began to move faster, pounding into Chris, who was moving back to meet his thrusts, at the same time his hand was moving faster. It took no time at all for him to feel that sudden contraction around his shaft that told him Chris was about to come. His own orgasm was so close he had been fighting to hold it back.

"Oh God - yes!" Chris shouted.

Buck let his own orgasm go. "Chris, yes, oh God Chris yes!" he gasped.

It took them both a few moments to recover, Chris leaning on the wall; Buck draped over him, like some big cat draped over a tree branch. Both breathing deeply, loving the feel of the other so close, relishing the other's heartbeat resonating through their body. Eventually Buck pulled back, smiling at the little whimper of regret Chris probably didn't even realise he'd let out.

Chris turned to face him, running his hand up along Buck's jaw. "Thank you," he whispered, his words almost lost in the hiss of the water that still cascaded down on them.

"Love you," Buck responded with a kiss.

"Reckon we should get out of here before we turn into prunes?"

"Sounds like a good move."


Once dry and dressed, they headed downstairs to find Vin and JD in front of the TV watching a video, sodas and popcorn to hand. Vin nudged his brother as their fathers came in.

"Oh, hi," the fourteen year old greeted.

"Good shower?" Vin asked.

"Fine," Chris responded guardedly.

"No sudden religious conversion then?" JD asked.

"What?" Buck asked frowning.

"You guys didn't find God in the shower?" Vin asked

"What the hell are you talking about?" Chris demanded.

"Oh God - yes!" both boys chorused, mimicking Chris ecstatic cry of release perfectly.

While the two men stood there in stunned, horrified silence, the boys fell about laughing.

"You think anyone would notice if we killed them now?" Chris finally asked.

"No, we can hide the bodies under that pile of horse shit beside the barn," Buck assured.

"Well, okay, but let's make them get us something to eat first."

"Sounds like a plan. Hey, you two!"

"What?" Vin asked, tears of laughter running down his face.

"Stop laughing at your elders and betters and go and fetch us some beer."


"Yeah?" "Make some more popcorn," Chris instructed.


"Now young man, before I decide this movie isn't suitable for you."

JD sighed dramatically as he got up to follow his brother.

"Reckon finding God has worn them out." Vin sniggered as JD joined him.

Chris watched the two boys disappear into the kitchen, still whispering conspiratorially.

"Remind me again why we have them?" he asked as he slipped down onto a couch JD had just vacated.

"Because we love them?" Buck slipped onto the couch beside him.

"Oh yes, that was it, knew there was a good reason for keeping them," He leaned over and kissed Buck. "…and you."