Mistletoe '04: Christmas Traditions

"What's the matter?"

Ezra shrugged, as strong hands massaged his shoulders in the warm water.

"Come on, give, I know you to well."

"Really, it's nothing a passing fancy, forget it."

"Ez?" Buck was not going to give up now.

"Well, if you must know?"

"I must, I must."

"It doesn’t feel right."

Now Buck was confused. "What doesn’t?"

"This." Ezra raised his arm out of the water and swung it around, indicating the semi tropical garden surrounding the swimming pool they were standing in.

"There's something wrong with my mother's garden?"

"No! No of course not, it's beautiful and she has been a most welcoming and gracious host. But it's Christmas, it's not meant to be like this."

Buck took his lover by the shoulders and turned him around so they were facing each other. Since Buck was standing in a slightly deeper part of the water, they were, for once, face to face.

"You mean it's hot and sunny?"


"This is you isn't it?" Buck made a great play of checking Ezra over. "I mean you're not Chris - I hate the hot weather, give me the arctic any day - Larabee in disguise?"

"Don't be an idiot."

"It's just you are the one who complains as soon as the temperature goes below 50', right?"

"I know, it's just…"

"You were the one who said snow was only any good for skiing and if we weren't skiing we were better off in a - and I quote - 'location were thermal underwear is not going to be a permanent necessity'"

"I know but…"

"You also stated that you missed - and I quote again - 'lounging in the sun being waited on hand and foot'. Now true, I'm not gonna wait on you hand and foot and nor is Ma, but she has been looking after us pretty good."

"Buck, please, this is no reflection on your mother's hospitality or your care, and I fully appreciate that is was I who gave you the impression it was what I wanted - and it was, or at least I thought it was." He lifted his arms out of the water and placed one on each of Buck's broad shoulders. "I guess I've become more acclimatised to Denver than I had thought. I miss the snow; I miss the long dusk and early nights. If we were at home, we'd have snow piled up outside, and a log fire roaring in the grate, the place would smell of wood smoke and pine, from the fresh tree we retrieved from Chris' land."

"We?" Buck questioned good naturally.

"Yes we, do you think I would let you choose something so vital as a Christmas tree alone?"

"So you'd stand back and point and me an' Chris would cut it down and load in onto the truck?"

"Precisely." Ezra gave Buck one of those mischievous grins that always melted his heart. "Right now we'd be on the rug in front of that fire, no lights, save for the tree and the fire. We'd be sipping brandy and making out, later we'd make love, long and slow, no rush. When it was over we'd pull a quilt over us and sleep by the fire. Sometime in the night you'd wake up, stoke the fire and then me." He grinned up lecherously at his lover, who was already caressing his body under the water.

"I guess you're not the son of the south you once were."

"So it would seem, and believe me no one is more surprised than I. Of course any were with you is paradise."

"But you are still a gentleman, and you are still mine."

"Most assuredly."

With that they joined their lips together and let their hands have free rein over each other's bodies.

"Boys, I'm home! So you better cover up, 'cause I'm coming on out there any time now!"

Buck and Ezra pulled apart and then burst out laughing.

"Family at Christmas, at least that is one tradition we haven't missed," Ezra observed.

"So you're not gonna bother to cover up?" Cynthia Wilmington asked as she strolled out and sat down on the poolside, dangling her feet in the water.

"Ma! You didn't give us a chance," Buck complained.

"I know, evil aren’t I? Can you blame a girl? Ezra has a gorgeous bod and I do so love to see you two so happy, especially my baby boy."


"Alright, alright, I'll go put the groceries away, but I want help, if all your friends are coming out here for New Year tomorrow, I'll need some assistance."

Ezra watched her go back into the house. "Now New Year in Key West is a tradition I am looking forward to," he commented, just before Buck captured his lips again.