Mistletoe '06: Something About Missiles

JD was lying on the floor filling in his Christmas colouring book. JD enjoyed colouring, although he had a unique eye for colour choice, so much to that Chris had taken him to the doctor to have him checked for colour blindness. JD had aced the Ishihara tests, so they just put his colour selection down to a vivid imagination. While JD coloured, Vin was watching re-runs of Rawhide on TV. Despite the fact that it was about Cowboys, JD dismissed it as boring, just because it was in black and white. Vin had not such prejudices and was true fan. He turned away during the commercial brake; the last advert was for an animal cruelty charity. Vin found this particular commercial, featuring an abused horse, distressing, so even thought he wasn't watching it, he hit the mute button. In the sudden silence he caught the tail end of a conversation between his fathers.

"JD?" he asked after moment or two.


"What's a Toe Missile?"

JD looked up from his purple and green reindeer. "D'no. Why?"

"Buck wants us to have one."

JD sat up and turned around. "Really? A missile? Cool!"

With that he joined Vin on the sofa, from where they could see into the kitchen. "Maybe it's a missile to shoot peoples toes with?" JD suggested.

"No away, missiles are too big, you don't need one to blow a toe off, it'd take your whole leg off," Vin stated confidently.

"What if it's just a little one?" JD suggested.

"Nope, still too big."

JD though for a moment. "Well maybe it's a missile you fire with your toe, like if you're in a tank and your driving with one hand and you're shooting the big gun on the top with the other hand and you need to shoot a missile you could use your toe."

"Yeah," Vin agreed. "Why'd think Buck wants one?"

JD shrugged. "Do you think I could take it to school for 'show and tell'?"

"JD, they don't let us their guns, not even the squirrel gun, there is no way they are gonna let you take a missile to school."

"I guess."

The two boys looked back into the kitchen to see their father's kissing passionately, while Buck held some kind of branch over their heads.

"What's that?" JD asked.

"Don't know."